trout fishing gear, my best to offer

Welcome again to another article by My Hastings and today’s a good topic for all you trout fishing lovers out there. We’ll be going through all the great options for equipment you guys can use when you go out. We got a little bit of everything from the poles to use all the way to the best bait options to catch that trophy fish. Fishing is a great way to relieve all the stress from your everyday life and just relax. Now let’s get started, here is my list of trout fishing gear.



Everyone knows that fishing without a pole of some kind is gonna be very difficult. I’ve put together my choices of the top 5 fishing poles that are some of the best for trout fishing. Here they are below. Enjoy

The Ugly Stick GX2 is the next generation of the Ugly Stick that combines the heritage and tradition with the original while maintaining its strength and durability that this brand is known for. This pole offers a better balance for a lighter feel and improved components for a modern look.

The Shimano FXS is a two piece rod that is created for anglers of all ages and skill levels. This rod covers a wide variety of applications and lengths. The Shimano can be enjoyed on any stream, river, lake or for light salt water applications.

The Sougayilang is made of carbon which means it is lightweight, Responsive/Sensitive and quite flexible. These attributes are crucial for fish that tend to bite lightly, but at the same time graphite and carbon materials are also sturdy enough to handle bigger game fish. This pole is made for both saltwater and freshwater locations.

The St Croix Triumph is made with a SCII graphite and available in a variety of actions. This pole delivers more value per cast than any other rod going, especially for those of us who lives to fish.

The KastKing Perigee 2 has the ton carbon matrix cast flex blank technology construction thru out its structure. This 24 ton technology is famed for producing rods that are strong and endures the test of time. No matter how rough your waters may be, this rod will certainly guarantee you robust outcomes with higher accuracy, amazing strength, and max fishing power.


A fishing pole is no good for fishing without its line. Some fishing lines don’t hold up the way you’d expect but there are others that goes beyond expectations. So here are 5 of my best options here for your learning pleasure.

The KastKing‘s strong knot strength-dynamically incorporated strands in KastKing superpower braided lines allows you to easily tie a more solid knot. You can even tie an improved clinch knot. Low vis gray is 25 pounds, the blue is 6 pounds, yellow is 15 pounds, and ocean blue would be 50 pounds.

The Stren FluoroCast is the smooth casting fluorocarbon. Don’t be fooled by fluorocarbon imitations. FluoroCast is a true fluorocarbon that casts like a nylon mono filament. The high density line allows lures to run deep and is virtually invisible to fish. Amazingly sensitive, FluoroCast provides excellent knot and shock strength for hard hook sets.

The Rio InTouch Gold is the next iteration of the Rio gold series. This is one of the most popular floating lines in the world. It offers a variety of fly sizes that you wouldn’t see with any bargain lines. It excels at short to medium or long ranged casting. The low stretch connect core technology provides sensitivity to detect any slight bumps and takes.

The RUNCL is a specially crafted fishing line that is extremely unaffected by distortion. Moreover, it’s zero extension and high levels of sensitivity will allow you to realize the slightest nibble from fish. It helps catch the fish that bites and you will see the catch ratio increase. This line contains a smooth plait that has no burr. It allows you to easily guide it through the fishing rod for a greater casting performance.

The Piscifun has a few different qualities. A Thin diameter, low memory, strong abrasion resistance, highly sensitive, and its fighting ability. The Lunker Braid Piscifun slices through vegetation like a knife. This line is definitely the best line when it comes to tensile strength. With little to no spool memory, it doesn’t entwine like Mono.


Now that you have your pole and line figured out, you’ll probably need some hooks or lures. Without these, how are you gonna reel in your record-breaking fish. Let’s get started.

Gamakatsu hooks are made with the most premium grade of high carbon steel. This ensures against any blemishes in the metal which could weaken the hook. Every hook is heated to an exact temperature for the particular style and size.

Eagles Claw is the brand that started it all, remains to be the staple of today’s value conscious fishermen. Eagle hooks are the only hooks that are made within the USA. They offer consumers a high price competitive product without compromising quality or attention to detail. Spanning saltwater and freshwater fishing, Eagle Claw provides anglers with numerous choices of hooks and terminal tackle for a whole array of species.

Shaddock hooks are made of lightweight and durable high carbon steel. These strong hooks offer up to 25% increased strength over the regular hooks. These are perfect for rigging fresh and saltwater, it’s unique strength hand sharpness withstands even the strongest braided line.

Mustad hook’s water technology and nor tempering process means that hooks are lighter and up to 20% stronger than the regular hooks. They are a type of treble hook.




Acme Little Cleo lures were the surest way to catch salmon and steel head when they were shredding through all other tackle within the great lakes. The unique hump back shape of the Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water.

Blue Fox Vibrax lures run 2-6 feet. The panted 2 part body emits low frequency sounds that attracts fish while triggering strikes and eliminates line twisting.

Rebel Wee Crawfish lures are the best at imitating a running crawfish. Its super realistic body and paint scheme combined with distinct pulsating action makes it irresistible to fish.

Rebel Minnow weighs 1 1/4 ounce and are 3 1/2 inches. Has a legendary proven performance. It is made with lifelike colors and large eyes. It has true running action. There are dependable traditional actions and the lure imitates fleeing bait fish.

Mepps Agila lures have caught the most record-breaking fish. No other lures can compete. These lures are great for catching all kinds of fish including trout.


Okay. We are all set. Now the only thing left on the list is the bait. Here are the best bait in my opinion for catching your trout. See which of these catch your

Insects like Grasshoppers, Crickets, Caddis fly, Mayflies, and Midges.

Salmon cut in chunks


Worms. Especially night crawlers

Smelt are small minnows in other words.

And there you have it.

This post took me quite a bit longer than I thought it would. I’ve finally finished and I hope all of you who reads it finds it satisfying. Please leave a comment if I missed any information or just to compliment. Either way is perfect to me. So there you have it and I will be sure to post more later on. Thank you.