scopes – can you see me now?

Hi everyone and welcome to my Hastings. When you have a rifle or any other firearm, you would most likely prefer a scope of some kind rather than iron sights. But with that attachment on the weapon, the distance your eyes can see is obviously heightened for good reason. They serve their purpose but they are not all the same. They come in different brands, but how do you know what brand to chose? there are pros and cons to everything and these are no exceptions, but here are my choices on the brand name scopes in which I personally prefer.  rifle-scope

Vortex & Elcan

Now the thing I like about Vortex is they are very affordable for someone with a fixed budget with the diamondback ranging just under $200. Their brand also have many other options to choose from. The razor HD, Optic strike eagle, Optic viper PST, Crossfire //, and many more. The cons of the Vortex brand is that the track isn’t transferable. So to get one, you may need to have it ordered for your certain weapon.

The Elcan also has many options to choose from as well, like the specterDR, M145, c79, Specter 4x, and more to list. The price of an Elcan may be a bit high but they will definitely pay off over time. A pro to this is that it has very clear optics and it doesn’t cause a worm hole effect to your vision, you will have full use of your peripheral vision. Even though these are great pros we also have to look at the cons, it’s a heavy and big scope and the battery of the specterDR only has a total of 600 hours of life on it.

Leupold & Nightforce

The Leupold VX2 is easy on the wallet with only $212 before tax. It also delivers high quality images, great materials with a high quality user experience. It’s great in all kinds of weather and is extremely accurate. Even though the VX2 has some decent upsides to it, there are also some disadvantages as well. Like the weight for example. Many competitor products weigh around 8 ounces, the Vx2 weighs at approximately 11 ounces. It also isn’t meant for long ranged shooting. The Leupold also makes others as well as the Delta Point, VX1, VX3, and the VX R Patrol.

Nightforce has a scope called the ATACR that has a high resolution and is very lightweight. The downside to the ATACR is the fact that it is relatively expensive compared to the previous brands at over $400. The Beast, Benchrest, The Competition, and the NXS are some others that Nightforce makes. scope-aiming-target

Nikon & Trijicon

The Nikon M308 has a robust construction for field use and great light transition even in poor lighting. The M308 is at around $200-$300 and not really suitable for close ranged hunting. Others Nikon makes is the Mate BDC600, Pro Staff, Monarch, and the P223. All of which provide serious advantages to your hunt.

The trijicon ACOG is a great choice for those hunters who have to wear glasses it gives you long eye relief so they can use it comfortably. It also has a strong aluminum housing that is shock resistance and waterproof so you wouldn’t have to worry about the fog covering the lens. The trijicon ACOG seems to be without flaws but that’s up to the user’s digression on what they think is a fault. Trijicon also offers AccuPoint, TRijicon VCOG, RS22, and the TA50 with many more options for the user to choose from.

Bushnell & Zeiss

The Bushnell Engage 1inch scope is a low price for those hunters that shop on a budget and it’s suitable for precision shooting and hunting. This is good for when you’re hunting the hard to see animals out there in the woods. The cons to this is it doesn’t have very good eye relief, especially on high magnifications and poor lighting transition. It’s not for being out when it starts to get dark. This one in particular is for morning to midday hunting. But this brand also offers some other options like the AR optic sight, Elite Tactical DMR ll, and many more other varieties

The Zeiss brand is one that most people have recommended because of the facts that they are water tight and they have great optic views. They are lightweight and easy installations. They weren’t found to have any downsides but it will probably vary from hunter to hunter. The other options for this brand is Conquest V4, Conquest V6, and Victory, with many more to choose from.

So hit what you aim towards

These are in my opinion the better options when searching for brand name scopes. There are plenty others to choose from of course. So whether it be close ranged combat or long ranged hunting, these brands will have you covered with the utmost care. If I ended up lacking information please let me know and thank you all for taking your time on my site.