About Cody

About CodyHello and welcome to My Hastings. I grew up in a generally small town with not much to do, but one thing that my family and I do enjoy is hunting and all other outdoor activities when the opportunity arises. I would rather spend most of my time outdoors enjoying what nature has in store for me and any other outdoor type enthusiasts. Occasionally my equipment would obviously break so I would need to repair them myself because I would hardly ever have the money to purchase anything. So as a result I’ve gained some interesting skill sets.

In my younger years when my father and I would go out hunting he would have me sit and wait on the tailgate of his truck while he hunts squirrels. After he would hit one, I would be the one who goes to fetch it. That carried on a few years until we finally moved into a house two miles out of town. Behind this house had a small field that dips into a four foot drop before finally getting into. Deer would constantly come out of the wood line into that field and we would always sit on the back porch to either watch them with a nice cup of coffee or have our rifles ready to bag a nice buck.

If we end up not bagging any trophies, we would have the option to go camping or fishing and either option was good to me, but I usually decided on fishing. I was always excited when I got a bite but if I didn’t, I would’ve been fine with it either way because the relaxing scenery was good enough.

In 2011 I enlisted into the military and spent 8 years as a mechanic, but throughout my time spent there, I’ve gained more skills about survival and plenty of other type of useful outdoor and aiming skills including the proper breathing exercises and different firing positions for gun handling. In my basic (boot camp), I’ve also learned map and compass reading.


      I know I’m not the only person who feels a connection with nature and I want to help anyone who’s willing to go out and enjoy everything that’s provided outdoors. I know the trouble of going unprepared and without the knowledge needed.

                                                                    My Goal

My goal is to bring knowledge and products together for anyone who would rather not go site to site and spending who knows how long searching. Instead, visit here and be done with the time-consuming hunt. I will provide posts for everyone who wants to visit my site. Please, give it a shot and enjoy.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Cody Duke